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Jittery Jake's Jewelry is a shop owned by Jittery Jake. You can buy upgrades of gems there for Micro-Shards. 
Jittery Jake

The shop's logo


After completing level 24, you unlock the keys to Jittery Jake's Jewelry. You will then meet Jittery Jake, and be able to buy upgrades of gems and other items from the shop. You pay for everything with micro-shards. Not everything that you can buy from Jittery Jake's Jewelry is available automatically. You must complete more levels to unlock more things to buy. Once you complete a level that lets you buy more things, there will be a red exclamation mark over the button to go to Jittery Jake's Jewelry. Jittery Jake will then inform you there are more things in stock, and you can then take a look at those.


Jittery Jake's Jewelry was founded in 1977, after a mite-ite saved him from a raging miner pup. At the time, it was simply named Jittery Jake's, and sold nothing but baked beans for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Since no one really believed that a zombia apocalypse would happen, they nearly went out of business. Jittery Jake then decided to sell jewelry instead, because it reminded him of his ex-girlfriend. ...His ex-girlfriend was fat. Anyways, that's offtopic. Moving on, after the shop started selling jewelry, business started BOOMING. As soon as gems started fending off miners, he started thinking about how much he was hurting the gems. He then decided to sell boosters for the gems in the Gems Vs Miners war instead. People thought he was crazy, and business went downhill again. Despite this, Jittery Jake doesn't care anymore - he's helping the gems kick 'em miners.


  • The fact that the shop used to sell supplies for a zombie apocalypse is a reference to Plants Vs Zombies.
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