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A painite.

Gems unlocked by completing levels

Start of game: Painite

Level 1: Mite-ite

Level 2: Gem of the Skies

Level 3: Granderite

Level 5: Peridot

Level 6: Die-mond

Level 7: Sap-ire

Level 8: Rubee

Level 10: Pearl

Level 11: The Ring

Level 12: Bloodstone

Level 13: Fright-ite

Level 15: Lite-ite

Level 16: Detectorite

Level 17: Coral

Level 18: Amefist

Level 20: Diaspawn

Level 21: Tape-az

Level 22: Elerald

Level 23: Axinite

Level 25: Cat's Eye


NOTE: Items/messages are unlocked after completing levels ending in 4 or 9, not gems.

Gems bought at Jittery Jake's Jewelry

Gems bought at Jittery Jake's Jewelry are upgrades of gems earned by completing levels. They must be placed on the gem that they're an upgrade of, and cost micro-shards.

Pearl n' a Clam - 5000 MS (Micro-shards)

Memerald - 5000 MS

Moonstone - 8000 MS

Grander Amber - 10000 MS

Sun Stone - 12000 MS

Mystic Tape-az - 12000 MS

Tiger's Eye - 16500 MS


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